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Sample benchmarking report

Clearly having something extra to share with your referral source partners is a differentiator. It will help both of you to develop a proposal that is more comprehensive and prospect appropriate. Franklin Templeton is offering this tool for your use, take advantage of this free resource and elevate your firm in the eyes of your referral sources.

Service Model Switch Hitters

When it comes to recommending 401(k) service models to plan sponsors, do advisors stay within their comfort zone and generally recommend the same service model to most comers? Or do they move seamlessly from service model to service model, selecting different platforms based on the specifics of a case?

RIAs Roll Into 401(k)

RIAs—both “pure” RIAs and dually-registered reps—are playing an increasingly prominent role in providing advisory services to 401(k) plans. It’s a two-way movement with RIAs expanding into the 401(k) world from wealth management and longstanding 401(k)-focused advisors reorienting their practices to become fee-based formal fiduciaries.

Do 401(k) Advisors Cross-Sell?

The allure of collateral sales from a 401(k) book of business is a longstanding enticement to draw successful retail FAs into the world of employer-based retirement plans. Convert business owners and company executives into retail wealth management clients goes the argument. Harvest the Rollover IRAs. Sell group insurance or other business financial products to your 401(k) plan sponsors.

Stuck in Neutral: Why Guaranteed Income Features aren’t Moving

After nearly a decade of intense development, testing and promotion, guaranteed income features are available in only 10,000 to 12,000 defined contribution plans nationally, about two percent of the total. What gives?Advisors aren’t the problem. According to our current research, nearly seven in ten 401(k) advisors are at least somewhat interested in a guaranteed income feature within a DC plan. Among heavy advisors (the 25% of 401(k) advisors who derive 60% or more of their income from 401(k))...

RIAs Rock 401(k)

Over the past five years or so RIAs rolled into 401(k) big time and in doing so rocked the once familiar business model of more traditional 401(k) advisors. We define two groups of 401(k)-active RIAs.
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