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Segmentation Part 5: Increase your sales by segmenting Activity!

This is the final article in the Segmentation Series; we have discussed the process of segmenting your referral sources and the corresponding services offered, focusing your effort on your best relationships. In this article we will address business development activity in a similar manner as was outlined in the service model exercise.

Segmentation Part 4: Become more profitable by implementing effective, focused service models

This is the third article in the Segmentation Series; we have discussed the process of segmenting your clients and referral sources, so you will know exactly on whom you should be focusing and on whom you should no longer be wasting time. The next step is to develop a service model specific to each segment to drive effective and efficient behavior leading to greater profitability. Once again let’s start with your referral sources.

Segmentation Part 2: Rate and Rank

The segmentation process rates and ranks clients and referral sources based upon positive characteristics associated with them and then places them into a category determined by the number of characteristics met; the categories could be defined as A, B, C and D, with A being your best. Start with your referral sources, as the level assigned to them will affect the ranking of your clients.

Segmentation Part 1: Why It Works

Segmentation is a practice that many successful companies incorporate with regard to their clients as well as to their referral sources. It directs the division of tasks and activity in a manner that drives efficiency, effectiveness and profitability by focusing on the company’s best relationships. By doing so these companies no longer waste time, resources or energy on those clients or referral sources that are essentially costing them money with no real upside. This is the first in a series o...

Beyond Communication (as we used to know it)

Not so long ago in the history of the world, birthday greetings were delivered in-person, over the phone (which was attached to the wall), or via a printed card (usually mailed). I suppose a few people sent telegrams, but that was pretty much it.

5 things your website is saying about you right now

Your website is a 24/7 billboard and it's either an asset or a liability. In other words, it supports your mission and goals or it doesn’t. How you engage and interact with clients and partners on your website says a lot about your potential to support them and makes a difference in their perception of your quality and stature.

How Do You Assess the Effectiveness of Marketing?

Peter Drucker, one of the most influential management consultants and writers of the last several decades, wrote “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” That’s certainly true when it comes to marketing. A great deal of work happens in the name of marketing, but only that which is aligned with strategic business goals has the potential to produce truly meaningful results.




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