Business Development


Tips for more successful business development:

  • Never prepare a proposal for which you or someone from your firm will not be present at the client presentation
  • If an Advisor says they don’t need you at the client presentation tell them that you are sorry but your firm’s policy is not to provide proposals for which you are not involved in the entire process. If they are adamant about you not being there they really just want to spreadsheet your firm in order to demonstrate that they have done a good job of comparing options.
  • If they balk at that inform them that when you or someone from your firm is present the close ratio is X. You can count on the fact that when the TPA is present the close ratio is much higher than when they are not. Typically the close ratio begins at 80% with the TPA present. While an Advisor alone is closer to 12%, obviously there are exceptions to the rule…however not too many.
  • And tell them that your experience has been that it is a waste of time for your firm to be preparing proposals when you are not involved in the sales process. Really this is a business decision you need to make!
  • Know your close ratio!
  • Know your close ratio when you are involved in the sales process versus when you are not, this will help drive you to not only develop a policy and process but to stick to it because it makes sense!
  • No one can present your firm or your plan design better than you or someone from your firm can.
  • Your presence in the process will connect your firm to the client and help you to develop a more sticky relationship. They will not be so quick to “fire” your firm because you have become real to them.
  • You do not want to become that “and oh by the way there is this TPA involved…they do the administration” because you can count of the fact that this is what will happen if you are not there
  • Develop a policy and process, document it, and communicate it and stick to it…do not waver!

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