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Service Model Switch Hitters

When it comes to recommending 401(k) service models to plan sponsors, do advisors stay within their comfort zone and generally recommend the same service model to most comers? Or do they move seamlessly from service model to service model, selecting different platforms based on the specifics of a case?

Working A Wirehouse Branch: Tips for the TPA

Over the past couple of decades, I have had the opportunity to lead a variety of wholesaling teams at major Wirehouse's. I have witnessed best and not so best practices by TPAs as they work on building lasting relationships with Advisors in Wirehouse branch offices.

Business Development Best Practices — Part I: Developing the Plan

A business development plan is like a road map. It provides you with direction and becomes your guide as you move through the year(s). You begin by looking back in order to understand where you have been and what will be required to move forward. It would be considered a best practice to have one, to document it, and then review and monitor it on a regular basis.

Focused Business Development Strategy

The first step in the development of a strategy is to fully understand where your new business came from in the past and what you did to get it. This will require you to gather a few years of data, because many times what we think happened may be a bit different than what actually occurred.
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